Ancient Ambient Chill Out

Peter envisioned and hosts the Ancient Ambient Chill-Out An audio-visual event, combining stunning images with spiritual-ecological themes (stone circles, tribal scenes, crop-circles, the Green Man, sunsets, rock art, etc) with world music, interspersed with graphics with profound truth and inspiration. This lasts over an hour, in which time well over 300 images are projected on to the extra large screen. People can relax on cushions or blankets at the front, (bring a cushion or yoga mat!) and at the rear there is always a space for movement/dance.

Featuring contemporary ethnic/world/spiritual/Native American and Eastern music… and more.

This event has been staged successfully at festivals, alternative centres and private functions (including an alternative wedding reception!), so why not experience for yourself this uplifting and fun night out. Music, length and images can be tailored to your personal preference.

Peter also runs a fantastic disco featuring hits and classic tracks from the 60’s-80’s. This can be organised as a separate event or else can carry on at the end of the Chill Out.